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Procedure for labeling photovoltaic system components

The Laboratory of Photovoltaic Systems (LSF) linked to the Institute of Energy and Environment (IEE) from the University of São Paulo (USP) provides a guideline for those interested in labeling photovoltaic modules, charger controllers, off-grid and grid-connected inverters. The following information was obtained from Official entities: Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil and INMETRO.

Requirements for companies which request the INMETRO label for photovoltaic components:

1– The company must be national to request the label;
2 – The company has to be registered in the Radar system of Siscomex – Brazilian Secretariat of the Federal Revenue;
3 – The company can request the registration in the Siscomex system in the following link if it has not been done yet., do it

Doubts about the RADAR system and the procedures for importing PV modules, charge controllers and DC / AC inverters can be clarified by a customs broker.

4 – The company needs to be registered in the INMETRO’s ORQUESTRA system to obtain the import license for the testing samples. Additional information about the ORQUESTRA system can be accessed by links below:

4.1 – General information about INMETRO label (available only in Portuguese), click here.
4.2 – General information about ORQUESTRA system (available only in Portuguese), click here.
4.3 – First request in ORQUESTRA system (available only in Portuguese), click here.
4.4 – ORQUESTRA system guidelines (available only in Portuguese), click here

FAQ about importation license (available only in Portuguese).

5 – Read carefully the INMETRO guidelines 004/2011 and 357/2014;
6 - Download the Technical Specification Form (PET), fill, sign, date, digitalize and send it in electronic format (.pdf) to .

The PET forms for inverters, photovoltaic modules and charge controller are available in the following links:

Observation: Please, check the coherence between datasheets and products labels data  with those declared in the PET form. Otherwise, a new one form must be filled and sent.

7 – Download the labeling request form (available only in Portuguese). Fill, date, sign, digitalize and  send it in electronic format (.pdf) to

8 – Set up the product datasheet in electronic format (pdf);

9 – Set up the information about the company requested in this form;

10 – Check the modules delivery date at the laboratory. (This date is extremely important and is the starting point of our testing schedule. If the company does not deliver the samples at the specified date, it will be automatically sent to the end of the waiting queue.).

11 – Only after sending the information requested in steps 7, 8 and 9, request a budget in the e-mail:  

12 – After receiving the budget, the company sends its acceptance to the e-mail

13 – After testing, a report will be sent to INMETRO and to the  company.a

14 – Once the company receives its test report the company are able to register the product in the INMETRO’s ORQUESTRA system.


The product registration with INMETRO expires in 1 (one) year. The company must perform new tests in a laboratory accredited by INMETRO every year to keep the labeling of a particular model.

The report emitted by the laboratory accredited by INMETRO also expires in 1 (one) year. It is recommended that the company register the product in INMETRO’s ORQUESTRA systems immediately after receiving the test report.