The Laboratory of Photovoltaic Systems (LSF) linked to the Institute of Energy and Enviroment (IEE) from the University of São Paulo (USP) began its operation in 1995. On February 1997 it received support from FAPESP, the JP aid, which enabled its consolidation and current work in the field of photovoltaic systems.

LSF-IEE/USP has three main lines of actuation associated with photovoltaic systems applications: academic research involving MSc. and PhD. students from the University of São Paulo’s Energy Graduation Program, development and testing of power management systems and also qualification services on photovoltaic modules, controllers and d.c. / a.c. converters in the scope of the Brazilian Labeling Program.

Since 2009 the LSF is an associated laboratory with the National Institute of Science and Technology on Renewable Energy and Energetic Efficiency (INCT-EREEA), and also a member of the “Núcleo de Coordenação da Rede SIBRATEC” for photovoltaic energy.